BattlBox: Quality Survival Supplies Shipped Monthly

When I first got into reviewing survival gear, everyday carry (EDC) equipment, and the various necessities one would need to pack for the optimal travel excursion, I thought I’d just be reviewing one item at a time. Little did I know that a crew existed who are tasked with packing entire BOXES of such supplies for people just like you and me!

On top of that, we can receive monthly shipments of this tactical and survival gear at an extremely discounted price than if we were to shop for each individual item on our own. Plus, even the seasoned outdoor enthusiast would not likely know EVERY product out there on the market, meaning that the value of subscribing to shipments of survival gear on a monthly basis is that the customer gets exposed to entirely new products they likely didn’t even know exist.

It’s very much like collecting bonuses in most action video games. You know what I’m talking about: the health box, the gear upgrade, the “one-up.” These are basic, much-appreciated bonuses to give us both the confidence and capability to finish the mission, regardless of the situation.

When I first started worrying about what my friends and neighbors would think when they found out I had subscribed to such a peculiar service, I stopped myself right there! I started leading my own financial and purchasing decisions with confidence, and, as it turns out, it doesn’t matter how many of your friends are already doing something that you may want to do. Just do it, and some friends even want to eventually imitate you in the end.

Don’t wait for friends, family, and co-workers to jump onboard a good idea. If it’s something you want to do, just do it. I would say “the rest will follow,” but this is not true, not even sometimes. Even if nobody follows, you still need to pursue what’s best for you, your family, and your other loved ones.

I’m just saying that sometimes other people will actually follow you. And this can feel great sometimes, but the major point here is that if you make it a habbit of waiting (like so many of us are guilty of doing) until “somebody else” you know tries it first, then you may never actually live your life the way you actually want to.

No gear supply box can fix that. That is why I often speak in terms of a personal counseling perspective, or motivational speaking perspective, and, yes, even as a sermon! We must lead our own lives with confidence, regardless of what others think, say, or feel. And when it comes to investing in products that profoundly benefit us in the long haul, why is it that we so often place these important decisions in the hands of other people, sometimes even strangers? . . .


I cannot hope to change some readers’ minds about this attitudinal outlook on life itself. It’s almost like the opinions of others is MORE IMPORTANT to some of us then our own opinions of ourselves–even when such opinions matter as much as life and death! I am speaking from a caring heart here. And, because I care, I am sharing some helpful gear and survival strategies that are simply not mainstream at the time of this writing, but, if I haven’t made it clear up to this point, this is completely irrelevant!

Every popular idea, strategy, and service today was at some point novel, unconventional, not mainstream. Every normal way of thinking of doing things today was, at some point in time, a NEW and unfamiliar thing in the past. So this profound and deep philosophy is exactly what came to my mind when I first discovered the BattlBox. . . .

BattlBox is a newer way of delivering life-saving products and supplies directly to people on a recurring basis. Pretty soon here, Black Ops Travel will be partnering with many humanitarian campaigns worldwide. When we do this, we are going to be ordering monthly BattlBox shipments at our headquarters to then go out with each team. . . .


As the chief director of this operational campaign, I see this strategy as the equivalent of giving my teams nutritional supplements on top of their regular diets and nutritional plans. In fact, along this comparison, I rarely suggest any regular diet WITHOUT routine nutritional supplements. I am convinced that there is just no way that the human body can naturally take in all the vitamins and minerals that it needs on a daily basis just from the few bags of groceries I picked up from the local supermarket.

The same goes for monthly subcriptions to life-saving tactical and survival gear in my view! Sure, I can handpick some basic supplies I think and believe I’ll need on a monthly basis, but just like the grocery store, there is usually one or more items I miss and forget to pick up. BattlBox, to me, is a monthly supplement of necessary survival items every household needs and every traveling team deserves to have access to.

If you are a sercurity manager of a business and you are responsible for securing the safety and travel continuity of a business trip, multi-national business operations, and any such endeavor, it would be incumbent upon you to check out the BattlBox strategy and pitch it to your accounting manager on the importance of having such a strategy ingrafted into your company’s business plan or proposed working model.

I am speaking in terms of an MBA graduate and CEO of my own firm. I understand and know how much convincing and persuasion and even psychology goes into basic dailiy business decisions. At the end of the day, when it comes down to it, any business, government, or organization is just comprised of the same thing: people.

People are what make this world work and understand that it is people who need to understand the value of investigating a new, novel, and presently unconventional notion that can be life-saving to your traveling companions. The duty of care and responsibility lies with the business to ensure its own travelers have access to the best that security services can offer. I, therefore, highly recommend convincing the relevant decision-makers on the value of investing in the BattlBox.

Let us know how you’re enjoying BattlBox. We can be reached at any time through our Contact Us page. Stay safe, everyone!

–Demetrius and the Black Ops Travel Editorial Team

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