“Combat Fighter”: For SERIOUS Black Ops Travelers ONLY

You just agreed to go on a trip that’s only a few months away. But, you simply don’t have the time nor the cash to train yourself up properly! Even though there are more than enough karate studios nearby, it can take YEARS to advance in belts (trust me I know!) and easily cost over $120 a month (trust me I know!)

This is why (among so many other reasons) that people who travel, risk NOT educating themselves nor train at all for ANY potential fights that are (ARE) likely to occur. As an American Military University graduate, I’ve researched some pretty crazy trends going on in every region of the world (even in the most unlikely of places (EVEN in my own backyard!)). . . .

Transnational crime against tourists is not going away. It doesn’t matter who you are, who you know, what you look like, what clothes you wear, how old you are, (or even how MANY of you there are). There are folks willing to harm you, even (ESPECIALLY) if you stay at home. Don’t believe me?

In the safest streets, in the quietest neighborhoods of the US, riots are appearing like never before. We are already experiencing a lack of immediate action by local law enforcement to respond to emergency calls. Civilian bystanders who literally have nothing to do with the issues at hand are getting harmed and killed in the crossfire. This is going on in the safest of neighborhoods in the Land of the Free. . . .

Even if you stay in your own home, and avoid traveling to the nearest grocery store (let alone going to another continent) you are NOT far from harm’s way! Join me in preparing ourselves for our own defense, our own well-being, and PRACTICALLY becoming capable to sustain our own lives in the case of the inevitable physical altercations (as ever so much God knows we try to avoid them).

Combat Fighter is yet another A-List SpecForce item of Alpha Nation’s BEST programs. Taught by Special Forces veteran Todd Lamb, this course is designed to reflect many Tier 1 Special Forces physical combat capabilities from around the world! The value of taking this Elite Operator’s course in just a handful of hours compared to countless years and THOUSANDS of dollars spent on Karate will speak for itself. . . .

Black Ops Travel may receive a percentage of the commission from the sales of this course at no extra cost to you. If you’d like to help support us, you can go to Alpha Nation’s checkout page by going through THIS LINK http://watchdog00.comfighter.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=watchdog00. But, if you go to the same page (but from any other website or search engine result listing), you would get the same great product but supporting SOMEONE ELSE, which is fine!

The main editorial mission of THIS website is to help promote safety for all travelers regardless of age, gender, level of experience, nature of your trip, or number of members on your team. If anything we say or do here helps you to any degree, then we consider that a mission accomplished! Safe travels, everyone.

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