“Combat Shooter”: Aim Better Than Most Elite Forces

There is a place and time when some body somewhere is gonna have a gun. You may have preferenced that laws and society would have prevented this sort of thing from happening, but there it is staring at you in the face. You can either expect someone else with a gun to challenge the armed attacker, or just make amends with your Maker. You either expect law enforcement to be present to take down the dangerous perp, some good-willed civilian nearby to do the same with a weapon of their own, or….you.

You see, you can ban all the guns in the world, but bad guys will still exist. Let me be more specific, people will still find ways to harm you. It doesn’t matter that they don’t know you or that you’re really a decent person deep down inside. When we travel, or even when we stay in our bedroom closets, evil will find our door and knock on it. And even though it’s locked, it finds a way inside.

I am not telling you to own a gun. I am showing you that if you want a civil society to exist wherever it is you’re traveling, you are expecting a silent prerequisite: a society where peaceful people will remain peacefull no matter what, that the idea of violence will never enter their hearts, and violent actions never emerge into fruition. You expect that in the rare exception a malintentioned person desires to harm you and those nearby you that some kind of security force is always gonna be present.

You may want there to be no guns. You may want there to be no armed police. You may not want violence to exist at all. I know many high-value travelers who gladly pay for security teams to escort their movements. How nice. What a luxury it is not only to be able to afford your own armed Secret Service but it must be nice to have the luxury believing that guns aren’t the answer for your own security when you are LITERALLY paying someone else to carry arms for you AND expect them to fire upon and actually kill somebody else in the name of your own safety. Some people don’t think about thier presuppositions.

I am telling you this because I am showing you that no matter what it is you want to believe or expect out of this world, you are literally expecting somebody–the police, the military, the security team, your backwoods friend–to have a gun to keep you safe. What if you had to hold that gun? What if there is no one else around you? What if all the good armed guys nearby are dead? You literally think you live in some part of the world where this couldn’t happen? Do you watch the news?

If you think I’m trying to make you scared, I am. Because this world is scary. Not only are random people capable of completely devastating acts of horror, it’s becoming increasingly hard to identify them. Perfectly well-adjusted moral people are surprising their friends, families, and co-workers with a homicidal turn. It is as if something switches their programming and we don’t even know how to detect it.

We think by making crime illegal there will no longer be the crime. People are even voting to defund and abolish their local police forces. Entire city blocks are being seized by armed militias, for lack of a better description. Anything can literally happen anywhere, my fellow Black Ops Travelers. We are coming to a point in time when we all have to realize that everybody needs to have an education on how to properly handle and tactically use a firearm.

You may be hesistant to “go all in,” get a background check, get a license, and *gulp* get a gun! But, you can receive your training without all those things. SpecForce is offering their Combat Shooter course through Black Ops Travel. By clicking on any of the images in this article, you will be taken directly to the SpecForce seminar that will not show you how to use a pistol and a carbine but how to go over the top of elite units such as the SEALS and Delta Force.

Here are Black Ops Travel we feel the need and urgency to provide you this training becuase we literally never know when this knowledge will come in handy and save the ones we love. DO NOT rely on local authorities to show up and stop bad people from trying to shoot you. And I’m also NOT saying that Black Ops Travelers should carry a firearm everywhere in the world they go.

There are many places and circumstances where you are going to leave the firearm behind (some places even ban every day carry (EDC) knives). But trust us when we say that the day may come when you will need the know-how, guts, wits, and determination to pick up a weapon and use it tactically, efficiently, and leading your team to safer zones.

You would think that I am portraying all the world as a war theater. In a way, sadly, it is. The theater in Paris, the football game in America, Centro area of LatAm captials are all subjected to violence, terror, spontaneous riots, unrest, war, uprisings, insurrections, insurgencies, rebellions, and I can think of any more examples at the moment.

In this course, SpecForce has recruited an anonymous warfighter by the alias of John Black. His simple, yet tried-and-tested aim and fire techniques have suprised members of elites units worldwide. He personally coached SpecForce founder Todd Lamb–who is himself a Special Forces veteran. “Black’s” unique specialized methodoly will take your targeting skills from hitting the whole broad side of that barn to knocking a nickle off a ledge.

He said something to this effect: “You will narrow your grouping of rounds from the size of a basketball to the width of a NICKEL in less than 20 minutes.” In other words, your “grouping rounds” is the constellation of bullet holes you leave on the surface of your target. Instead of aiming an hoping you hit your target….you will hit it. He says, “You will actually find it hard to miss your target even if you tried… no matter how much chaos storms around you!”

Look, I WANT you to go out and enjoy this world for ALL it has to offer. It’s just that part of that “all” is evil. I Demetrius, founder of Black Ops Travel, and telling you that you gotta learn how to shot, how to do it confidently, and to shread away any and all distractions. And you can learn how to shoot without going to a gun range or even buying your first firearm. I am not pushing you toward even doing that. Just learn, attain access to the knowledge and information. Get that data inside your brain if nothing else. That’s for starters.

Black Ops Travel may receive a portion of the proceeds of SpecForce courses which will come at no extra cost to you. This is just a small way in which you may help support our mission in providing you with genuine access to knowledge and tools to help you and your team to tour the world in safety.

I tried finding this information on YouTube. It isn’t there. I trust these expert veterans, and I’m asking you to trust me. If you can’t trust your neighbors to own and operate their own arms, and if you don’t trust the police to be armed and in your neighborhood, and if you don’t so much as trust yourself to have the resource of knowledge and information that’s provided in this program, then you’re on your own.

I would say that you have me to get your back, but realistically I’m not going to promise the impossible. I am not always going to be there for you. Your parents and your friends are not always going to be there for you. YOU HAVE TO BE THERE FOR YOURSELF.

Very Respectfully,


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