MEGAKNIFE’S Perrini 20×70 Day/Night Binoculars

I used to believe that all military-grade equipment is logically and necessarily expensive by nature of private market principles, market demand, manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP), and other mighty forces of nature! But alas, not true! Did you know that YOU can equip yourself, your family, and other parties of your Traveling Team with the SAME great tech (if not BETTER THAN) what well-funded militaries utilize?

That is right! You see, very often (perhaps TOO often) our governments’ militaries experience variations in funding and not just how much money is flowing to our brave young men and women, but also (more importantly) HOW those funds are getting spent. So, $100 spent on ANY piece of gear does NOT guarantee the SAME VALUE. Not ALL GEAR IS CREATED EQUAL!

Ever wanted to travel overland? You may not have checked that box off your bucket list yet. Or, you may be a seasoned enthuasist like so many Black Ops Travelers. Regardless, you may think that the only tool you need to help protect your sensitive eyes from a very punishing sun is a decent pair of sunglasses. Far be it from the truth!

Not only do we recommend a good pair of shades for nearly every-day use, but did you know that being capable of SEEING INTO DISTANCES is nearly a PRIORITY for overland travel? Unless if you’re one of those comic book superheros that can perceive astronomical distances simply by SQUINTING, we know that the rest of us humans require enhancement tech to get us through SAFELY through our overland tours.

These special Perinni binoculars provided by MEGAKNIFE are equipped with glare-reduction lenses. Ospreys, and other mighty birds of prey, naturally come with such glare-reduction lenses on their eyes! This gives these natural predators an advantage over the fish schooling beneathe and overwise protective layer of highly-reflective body of water surfaces.

It is as if swim safely under the visual force field of proctection provided by a shimmering sun reflecting off a lake. Ospreys in particular are able to use their “superpower” natural eye lenses to SEE THROUGH that protection layer of ocean glare. The result: food for the family. The same scientific principle applies to these military-grade Day/Night binoculars!

I am told the lenses on the MEGAKNIFE Perrini 20×70 binoculars feature an extra coating to enable the field of view enhancement system to, not only reduce daylight glare, but ABSORB light. This means that in dark places during the day or ANY place during the night, these lenses will help the viewer SEE into the darkness.

What do I mean by light-absorbsion? Sometimes a very bright moon (like the one outside my window this early August) can impede the capabilities of certain vision-enhancement products to work. Even though when it’s dark, a fully illuminated moon can obscure the viewers capability to possess vision of the rest of the field of view. These Perrini lenses can let you practically see like many nocturnal predators–such as the mighty owl!

These MEGAKNIFE Perrini Day/Night binoculars come with a FREE carry case to help maintain and extend the life of your featured product. Think of it, you will save even more money in the long haul if you take extra precautions to extend the life of your gear. By being careless with our supplies we carry and bring with us on our journeys, we can easily rack up the bills, travel costs, and discourage us from further journeying around the world.

How tragic! THAT IS EXACTLY what it is we are trying to prevent here at Black Ops Travel, guys. We WANT you and your friends to be able to travel to more places and more often. What if you just go on ONE and only one travel excursion in your lifetime? Would you be satisfied looking back on it all in your sunset years? Would you blame the system, the economy, society for you NOT traveling more just because of poor budgeting decisions YOU made? These questions and thoughts certainly keep ME up at night!

Black Ops Travel may receive a portion of the proceeds from purchases of the MEGAKNIFE Perrini 20×70 Day/Night Binoculars. This would come at no extra cost to you. If you would like to help support our mission, our cause, and our support base (including yourself), you may proceed to the MEGAKNIFE website through our links provided right here.

Alternatively, you may choose to go the MEGAKNIFE from another website or search engine result page and take the additional time to locate this item yourself. If you are able to find a better deal for this SAME VALUE ITEM, then you have our blessing, for our mission is to help you travel more often. And, if that means saving a little extra costs on your end, we understand.

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Just some thoughts. Please stay Safe,


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