MEGAKNIFE’S Purple Lens 60×50 Day/Night Binoculars

Purple can be cool, especially when you’re narrowing in on your target under the cover of darkness, in the dead of night, and even under an other-wise blinding sun! These military-grade multiuse vision enhancement binoculars can be a real life-saver on any Black Ops Travel mission.

Vision-enhancement does not need to be reserved for the armed forces. It does not need to be researved for the most dedicated of outdoor enthusiasts. It does not need to be reserved for the especially wealthy who can afford expensive, and sometimes, extraneous gear and supplies!

Having a reliable set of binoculars is almost essential for any traveling mission. Whether it be a business trip, family vacation, or a solo excursion into personal self-reflection and solitude, having a decent piece of gear for an equally decent price is just a no-brainer!

MEGAKNIFE’s brand Blade Addict has put out an amazing set of field of view enhancement binoculars, pre-packaged with so many Black Ops Travel-worthy features! We are going to review them here, and if you would please make a purchasing decision directly through one of these links on THIS PAGE ONLY to help support our brand so we can continue giving you MORE GREAT VALUE-ADDED LEADS just like this one here!

Being MILITARY-GRADE doesn’t necessisarily mean that all service members of our armed forces carry all the great products put out by the FREE MARKET. No, no, no. You see, many manufacturers COMPETE against each other win to out on bids and contracts with national governments.

This means that many great military-grade gear gets passed up. I managed to get the privelege and opportunity to tour one of these military-manufacturer facilities. Not only was I absolutely BLOWN AWAY many of my fellow Americans were tinkering with, assembling, and promoting, but I also learned how cut-throat this business actually is!

Many product-suppliers for our armed forces get passed up. But that’s okay, BECAUSE it benefits you and me! WE get to receive a lot of these many life-saving, high-durability supplies and gear–high value items often at super low prices. These manufactures have gotta make a buck too, so instead of winning that ultra-high military contract, these companies often offer the same gear at super low discounts for the rest of the civilian population to have access to. Here is a list of this particular equipment set’s features borrowed directly from the manufacturer affiliate’s website:

  • Night Prism Feature Absorbs Light For Easier Viewing at Night
  • Dimensions 7″x7″x2.5″
  • Magnification: 60X50mm
  • Field of View: 122m/1000m = 133FT/1000YDS
  • Multi-Coated Lens For Glare and UV Protection
  • Aluminum and Rubber Body
  • Focus Adjuster
  • Bright and Clear Images
  • Fits Tripods
  • Comes with Carrying Case, Neck Strap,
  • Lens Cover, and Cleaning Cloth

Check out those stellar views! I never believed I was missing out on SO MUCH when I got my first long-distance eye-sight prescription lenses. (I’m nearsighted, don’t tell nobody). Having clarity of vision in both day AND night is not something I can easily express without sharing a little personal story:

I had NO IDEA there were SO MANY starry constellations in our very beautiful night sky! Night navigation is key to safe journeys anywhere in the world. And I’m working on providing some high-value professional-quality programs on expert night navigation under our Courses Menu coming soon! But such knowledge is worthless if you CAN’T even SEE the starry night sky! With a set of these Purple Lens binoculars, you will be able to confidently guide your crew safely home . . . to your new adventure!

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As always, Stay Safe,


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