Ryders Eyewear: Premium Hi-Tech Sunglasses for EVERY Mission!

Ryder’s Eyewear heritage is synonymous with Vancouver’s North Shore when mountain biking was only just emerging as a sport in the early 80’s. Mountain biking, road cycling and endurance sports present the most unique and challenging environments for eyewear.

Their deep roots in the Pacific Northwest are of vital importance to who they are today. Everything they do seems to be influenced by a drive for adventure, a love for providing like-minded people with hard-working gear, and an overwhelming sense of community—both in our backyard and afar.

Today they are known as an offbeat, gritty brand with authentic roots. They speak directly to those who take pride in their adventurous lifestyle and their practical, yet highly spirited approach to life.


I have found that their scientifically reserached products give us the best that we can ask for in terms of high-tech eye protections. Their gear is innovated and geared toward almost any weather and outdoor condition conceivable.

I have found that their fod-proof gear especially generates enough value for me and my traveling team whenever we are finding ourselves in extreme weather conditions, especially in higher altitude climates and colder weather events. I try to make sure that at least one of us is carrying a fog-proof pair.

Again, other lens styles are becoming available like the sun-glare resistant brands. I have found that these are tailored for viewing digital screens while outdoors. These screens are often unreadable in broad daylight.

Often we rely on our digital screens to reveal emergency contact information, view the latest on a nearby disaster event, or even to check on a digital compass. Sunlight and screens just seem to never mix well from most manufacturers’ perspectives. Now, these specialty lenses make traditional sunlight glare obsolete.

I am also told that this brand feature FREE shipping. Now that is simply unbelievable. Free shipping combine with site-wide discounts is apparently a common feature with this brand’s website.

Black Ops Travel often is seeking good brands and services that help facilitate the continuity of most journeys. That is to say, we are actively searching for hot brands and products that enable adventurers to get connected with great gear that can only help advance the traveler’s journey.

Getting equipped with the best pair of all-purpose travel sunglasses is something not to mess around with. Our roots are based in encouraging everyday travelers to invest wisely in the best products and brands that can help enable them to go farther and longer than ever before.

Ryders Eyerwear is certainly a must to check out today before demand for this specialty gear outpaces the limited supply! We may receive a portion of the sale to help support our efforts, and this will come at absolutely no extra cost to you.

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As always, safe journeys, everyone!

The Black Ops Travel Editorial Team

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