“SpecForce Abs”: The ULTIMATE Tactical Abdominals for Any Mission

Developing strong, stacked, and magazine-model abs is not the first priority of military training. Rather, it is the “accidental” by-product. Allow Special Forces veteran Todd Lamb train you to get that military-grade 6-pack without actually going in the armed forces!

This tactical designed program is meant to help you focus in on your core. While the other SpecForce programs are designed to develop the whole you, SpecForce Abs is geared towards zeroing in on that testy terrain we call “the mid-section.” Defeat the enemy of unwanted fat, build up friendly forces of muscles fibers located on all those tiney muscles covering your stomach.

Your traveling mission may require you to take your shirt off, get a job as a model, a promised photo-op, a meeting with a dignity, or a high school reunion. SpecForce Abs a money-back guaranteed giving you the confidence that your investment is in an enviable pack of shredded super-hero flesh.

Taking his extensive experience with military and S.W.A.T. training regimens, Todd will SHOW you what workouts definitely work and which ones are a waste of you precious time. Furthermore, the wrong ab workout can actually harm you. . . .

I noticed that Todd’s constant theme of “core-focus” helps make his exercises unique and genuine. I started practicing these routines today, and I am telling you that I also am seeing a difference. It has so much to do with how you are focusing and what you are focusing on. Military combat and training drills help MAKE new recruits focus their minds on the right targets while ignoring the rest. This tactical training program is targeting one of the most difficult to conquer regions: your abs.

Many of us think that only certain people can look like this. We even make up junk science to lie to ourselves that some people are just not “genetically” meant to have a shredded six pack. This is so absurd! The difficulty is tracking down, locating, verifying, and highlighting a real program that can actually deliver the goods!

Todd’s personal story is one we all can relate to. You likely know someone like this. That someone may be you. But Todd WAS physically fit in his prime, then his tactical unit was disbanded and he looked just like he does in the photo on the left below. He “let himself go.” There is no coming back from this, so many of us tell ourselves.

But, there you have it! Photographic evidence that this system works! The photo on the right below was taken AFTER Todd reimagined his whole life. He went back into tactical operations as a S.W.A.T. officer and is bringing us his utility belt of knowledge, experience, and scientific research to train in on those targeted stomach muscles.

Again, these are REAL before and after pictures. Anyone taking any of these other courses may already notice some favorable abdominal development, but ONLY THIS program is offering the focused, specialized tactical approach to exclusively enhance that lower-mid section. This goes for male and females physiques! No discrimination here.

Give this soldier six weeks of your time and you can enhance your Black Ops Travel mission around the world. We are offering this package with bonus training guides to lead you through ultimate success in this war campaign against that stubborn belly fat, low self-esteem, and disparity.

I’ve found these bonus features to be exceptionally helpful especially while traveling. You can download this knowledge into your computer or smart device and read them on the plane, in the cab, on the bus, or in your hotel room. Knowlege truly is power, and knowledge is the only way we can defeat our tireless enemies, whether they be poverty, misery, or flabby flesh.

I keep forgetting to mention this 60 Days Bulletproof Money-Back Guarantee. You literally have no reason not to try this, give it a chance, and give yourself a REAL fighting chance at getting your physique back. This is more than just about appearance.

We use our abdominals every day throughout the day. We often complain about back pain precisely because of the back’s weaker counterparts: the abs. When the abs are inefficient at fullfilling their commissioned jobs, the rest of the body suffers along with them.

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