The Fiddleback Forge Filet Knife! ALL Made by HAND, with Love, Here in the USA!

As a seasoned fish cutter at one of the MOST-DESTINED fish markets in the Sunshine State, I can tell you that having a good knife to filet your own fish definitely saves you money in the long haul. Fish are an excellent source of protein, OMEGA-3, and, in my opinion, a necessary change in a mostly land-dominated diet.

Buying fish whole, or catching them yourself, WILL LITERALLY SAVE YOU money over the course of your lifetime. But, those who are bound to “the Grid,” and will only consume what’s prepacked and sold on a shelf, are severely limiting themselves, especially when shortages happen in the blink of an eye. . . .

Look Familiar? They Told Me They’d “Wing It” if This Happened: Now They’re Singing a Different Tune

Unpredicted natural disasters, wars, uprisings, sudden market shifts, and political decisions made by the endless line of “Powers That Be,” can cause massive and sudden upheaval in our day-to-day lives. However, I am writing this to tell you that you CAN BE prepared for almost ANYTHING!

I remember folks mocking my family for stocking up some extra canned veggies (for “just in case”). These SAME people said they would just “wing it” in the event of a crisis. And, these SAME people complained when gas prices sky-rocketed during the 2010’s, affecting the final price point of all agricultural goods and meats.

These same people came to me complaining because the local officials told them they couldn’t go outside (except to hunt or fish) because of a certain virus. Like a bunch of fish out of water (pun intended), they found themselves in the harsh reality of simply being unable to “wing it.” . . .

Just 6 Months Ago, a Photo Like This Would Never Have Been Note-Worthy, Just Proves the Need to Prep

Well, guess what? You CAN enjoy the grocery store, the mall, and going to the movies with your friends (when they reopen). But you can ALSO make it a point (pun not intended) to equip yourself with a few items here and there to have, on hand, whatever you may need in order to continue living your life despite the shock-value headlines that welcome us every day.

This is why having a good fish filet cutter is SO IMPORTANT! Here in the USA, it’s very hard to come by quality, handmade tools that are fully manufactured domestically. Fiddleback Forge proudly stands among the few to make this claim. And, their Filet Knife surely does not disappoint! . . .

Just Look at That BEAUTIFUL HANDMADE Finish!

From start to finish these blades are assembled in the USA, using materials from the USA. I never thought one company could churn out so many handmade knives in this way. I had believed that mass-production was the only way to go these days. But, as they say, “The proof is in the pudding!”

This 9.75″ knife has a 5″ blade with 3/32: A2 Steel. And I wanna tell you about the handle assembly: this Fillet Knife has a cross cut natural canvas, featuring natural liners and white pinstripes. It bears a skeletonized full tang, meaning it is lighter while retaining its structural durability! . . .

Andy Roy started Fiddleback during the infamous global recession of 2009. Millions of jobs were lost worldwide, Andy’s included. Having lost his main stream of income, he forged (for lack of a better word!) his own knife-making company out of his basement, and now employs several full-time employees of his own. The American Dream at its finest!

Each knife seems to feature its own “Fiddleback by AR” signature, forever reminding each blade owner that this item was made right here, on this land, by real hands. Having a “Fiddleback by AR” blade means that, no matter who we are or what position in life we find ourselves in, we can always prepare, always rebound, and always pursue our lives, liberty, and happiness! . . .

HURRY: Here’s what’s left!

By the time you’re reading this, this featured knife will have probably SOLD OUT. Don’t worry though, because I’ve provided you your link to all available Fiddleback knives so you don’t have to worry about combing through their website, potentially missing out on some really great offers!

You can SEE for yourself, I’m not kidding! I really hope this is not a sign of the economy, as there’ve been many smaller knives companies that have had to close their doors due to everything going on. But, here’s how I’m looking at it: we consumers need to have great quality blades, in our back pockets, in our kitchens, garages, travel bags, and even nightstands (like me). So if we help support these guys, they can keep their doors open to us. . . .

Increasingly more SOLD OUT than IN STOCK?

If you’d like to help support us, you can make a purchase with Fiddleback by going through (and ONLY through) one of our links on this page. This would not cost you any more than if you were to go to their website from a search engine or typing their URL straight into your address bar.

But, if you want to help support Black Ops Travel as well, you can only do this by going directly to their website from this site, through any of our posted links > > > We want to try to help out everybody as much as we can during these times. As always, stay safe, remain vigilant, and do what you can to equip yourself properly.

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