Top 10 MOVIES to Watch While Traveling in 2020!

I know we tend to travel to get away from it all, to see other places, and to encounter new experiences. But, just like at home, there are those moments when you just want to veg, when you just need to relax from all the traveling around you just did for the day.

Just like at home, there are moments during a trip when we actually do need to sit back and watch something else. With digital media these days, it’s super easy to access movies on portable devices.

Now, I’m not saying that you should devote ALL your time to the smart phone when traveling abroad, but here are ten films that are great for just casually unwinding after a full day of globetrotting adventure!

1. Any Disney Marvel Film

With Disney Plus (or a portable DVD player) any traveler should be able to access the hundreds of films produced or acquired by the global media giant. This streaming service is not available everywhere in the world (yet), but there ARE many places where streaming a little action-adventure story time is just ideal for your occational film-viewing session while abroad

The marvel films are very fun for most audiences which is demonstrated by the box office and DVD sales. Watching any one of these movies is sure to make a lasting impression upon your memory of your vacation or trip.

2. Homeward Bound: The Journey Home

This older film is a great sentimental masterpiece about traveling humans and their temporarily (and suspensfully) seperated pets. The story told of the drama between the boldness and courages of these dogs and cat and the enduring heartfelt relationship of their human owners is sure to hit a soft spot in many travelers.

They just don’t make movies like this anymore!

3. Jungle Book (2016)

This film is visually pleasing and tame for most viewers. Much like the Lion King films, the Jungle Book primarily features animals and central characters. There is something about getting away from it all in person and getting away from it all in film. When there are films that help us travelers get away from it all, they can often become very good films to view while on your trips.

4. The Wizard of Oz

It may not be a bad idea to REALLY take it back with old classics like the Wizard of Oz. Again, I’m talking about tame, escapist films here. Try not to go too edgy or intense with your travel films. When you’re on a trip, try something that is fun, tame, and escapist: a GREAT way to wind down when you have some down time on your journey (and no matter how busy your trips may seem, there is ALWAYS gonna be down time).

5. Star Wars anyone?

Again, most of the properties we are talking about here are now owned by the Disney Company. This is just a coincidence. Not everyone likes every single Star Wars film ever made, but it may not be a bad film to just play in the background while you’re winding down from the day.

6. A new romantic comedy

Try a new romantic comedy. Everybody has different tastes, too different for me to make a recommendation here. But just as we are traveling and experimenting with new sights and sounds, we may just as well do the same with some of our entertainment while journeying around the world.

Pick something that your friends were talking about but you just never got the chance to see. Alternatively, just go random! You never know what you might enjoy. It’s a little like trying new foods.

7. Foreign films in foreign languages

Go local! Tell your friends you saw a popular local film in the travel destination you had visited. Many people are intrigued by the new things you share from your experiences.

The film doesn’t even have to be “good” in and of itself. Just by the value of being a product of your travel destination is it’s value in and of itself. You don’t even have to understand the language!

8. Any James Bond film

Why am I saying this? Watching films like these can help stimulate our imaginations and get us thinking about touring new places. No, you’re not gonna want to jump out of planes or any super crazy stunt, but sometimes when we are engaged by a visual plot that centers around adventurous globtrotting, we are inspired to take in even more from our surroundings whilst we are traveling.

9. Any Indiana Jones film

Another Disney product here, but this is a timeless globetrotting motion picture franchise. Set in another time period, this protagonist visits many exiting new places. A fun filled action adventure like this is sure to help you enjoy your trip without trying to get too bogged down in the plot.

Again, fun, simple films tend to be the best when touring the world in safety. I don’t recommend anything that is too serious or bound to make you feel angry, sad, or depressed. Just find someting light-hearted and FUN.

10. Extraction (2020)

This adventure film (rated R) is currently only availbe on Netflix which is available to view in many nations. Theh violence and language is not going to be appropriate for all ages, but similar to the action movies mentioned above, this film may help a traveler to develop more of a sense of situational awareness.

The plot isn’t too heavy, and the action scenes are such that you can just let them play in the background while you’re doing something else. Alternatively, if you choose to give it your full attention, you won’t be disappointed by the relatable themes and relationships presented in the story.

Always consider the situation, the people around you, and just have fun with picking out your traveling companion films! Stay safe always.

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