Trekr Tech: The Outdoor Enthusiast’s Dream-Come-True

Inevitably there comes a time when the most tactical travel enthusiasts must cut some costs to ensure the continuity of the mission. Luckily for us, there exists bargain suppliers that help deliver the goods at just fractions of the original prices!

Trekr Tech is one such supplier that helps enthusiasts everywhere to gain incredible access to great products at lower discounted prices than most people can hope to find practically anywhere. . . .

The Trekr Tech premium brand partners with Olympia’s industrial quality weather-proof flashlights and other illumination products and gear. These flashlights will not let me down when I’m traveling through inclement weather conditions, tropical storms, or experience other unexpected damp environments!

Storms, floods, and other water-related natural disasters can occur without much notice. Having reliable and affordable equipment on your person can make all the difference whether you’re going to make it out of this one or when. . . .

I gotta mention their walkie-talkies for a minute. Like many of the Trekr Tech flashlight brands, these products also include water-proof walkie-talkies! Now I recently took a course on the importance of keeping up your communications capabilities in case the phones go down for any realistic number of reasons.

I have experienced a top quality cellular network suddenly go down for several hours in a highly populated center of an American state for absolutely no reason! For literally hours many of us were without the capability of reaching one another. We weren’t even traveling in remote locales this time! The phones just went down on their own. . . .

Communication continuity is paramount for serious travelers wanting to make sure they can locate each other in case cell phones go down or other unforeseen scenarios. It is relatively simple to operate this simple gear, but you must make sure you own some quality-grade equipment that can survive anything from a hurricane to an accidental drop in a nearby puddle!

I strongly recommend every traveler learn how to use and operate walkie-talkies. Like I said, entire courses have been created to help people understand the rules, laws, and how-to’s behind this gear. So get something affordable with Trekr Tech. There are no more excuses now. . . .

To give you an idea of other areas of specialty that Trekr Tech invests in, check out some of these categories they feature in their online store:

  • Bundles
  • Electronics
  • Lighting
  • Knives, Tools & Gear
  • Camp Kitchen
  • Survival & Safety
  • Emergency Radios
  • Survival Gear & First Aid
  • Sun & Bug Protection
  • Health & Cleaning
  • On Sale

Several of these categories peak my personal interests. I actually don’t know which ones to start with here. Let’s start with survival gear and first aid. This is a routine oversight that far too many backpackers and globetrotters ignore.

Listen, if the hospital aint nearby, you need to be carrying some first aid gear on your person. Even if its a tiny first aid kit for starters. Even if you ARE near a hospital, you really need to take care of any wounds or other injuries before arriving at the ER! No one is going to guarantee the hospital will be able to take you at any point in time. . . .

Many unexpected weather conditions occur that render some hospitals incapable of receiving new patients swiftly. I’ve personally witnessed an event where a local power plant went temporarily offline, affecting the hospital next door.

Not all nations or regions will have an adequate power supply on hand. Sometimes protesters obstruct first response capabilities nearby. Sometimes, unexpected occurrences like gas leaks leading to explosions can impact a local medical facility’s capability to administer expected emergency care. . . .

Having good, reliable, and affordable survival and first aid gear on your person is a must for every traveling team. Sometimes I suggest that one person carry the majority of a particular type of gear.

For instance, one person can primarily carry most of the first aid gear, while another carries most of the food, and another some emergency communication equipment. I recently reviewed a mobile wifi device that practically only one team member needs to carry, for example. . . .

We have spent literally hours reviewing the Trekr Tech online store and it would do you well to do the same! By clicking on any of the images in this article you may receive some very helpful discounts, plus you may also help support Black Ops Travel as well.

This will come at no extra cost to you. It’s just that if you would like to help support our mission in helping the world travel more safely, then an excellent way to do this is by going through one of this page’s image-links that will take you to your shopping quest through Trekr Tech.

As always, travel safely,

The Black Ops Travel Editorial Team

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